The MIDI Plug - done in Bryce 3D
Musical Instrument
Digital Interface
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1. Enya - Anywhere Is
2. Pink Floyd - Keep Talking
3. Phil Collins - Another Rainy Day
4. Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing
5. Queen's Riche - Silent Lucidity
6. Mike & the Mechanics - Silent Running
7. No Doubt - I'm Just a Girl
8. Def Leopard - Love Bites
9. Movie - Mission Impossible
10. Sting - Fields of Gold
11. Eurhythmics - Here Comes the Rain
12. Peter Gabriel - Shock the Monkey
13. Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights
14. Enya - Orinoco Flow
15. Eagles - Hotel California
16. Series - Dr. Who
17. Pink Floyd - Echoes
18. Mike Olfield - Tubular Bells
19. Alan Parsons - Old & Wise
20. Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon
21. Alan Parsons - Telltale Heart
22. Kraftwerk - Computer World
23. Alan Parsons - Games People Play
24. Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy
25. Alan Parsons - What Goes Up
26. Supertramp - Even in the Quietest Moments
27. Alan Parsons - The Raven
28. Fleetwood Mac - Golddust Woman

What is MIDI ?

My MIDI Setup:
   Kawai K4
   Alesis Quadra Synth +Piano
   Alesis SR-16
   Native Battery
   LM 4 Mark II
Synths: Effects:
   Kawai K4
   Korg M3R
   Roland MT-32
   Akai S612
   Creative Sound Blaster Live Platinum+5.1
   Absynth 2.0 (virtual synth)
   D'Cota (virtual synth)
   FM7 (virtual synth)
   Halion 2 & SE (virtual samplers)
   M-Tron (virtual synth)
   Moog Modular V (virtual synth)
   Plex (virtual synth)
   Prophet Pro 53 (virtual synth)
   Reaktor 2.3 (virtual synth)
   Rebirth 2.0 (virtual synth)
   Retro AS-1 (virtual synth)
   Virsyn Cube (virtual synth)
   Vocator (virtual synth)
   Alesis Micro Limiter
   Alesis MIDIVerb IV
   DBX 166A Dual Compressor/Limiter
   Lexicon LXP-1
   Lexicon LXP-5
   Rane ME-60 Stereo EQ
   Hundreds of VST FX
Other Hardware: Software:
   Akai ME30P MIDI Patch Bay    (MANUAL in PDF)
   Mackie 8x32 Mixer
   Kawai Mixer MX-8R
   Roland 1680 w/CD Burner
   MQX32m MIDI interface    (SETTINGS)  (PDF)
   Edirol UA-700    
   Intel 3.4GHz Pentium IV w/8 Gb RAM PC
   Customized Fender Strat w/MIDI interface
   Acid 4.0
   Cubase SX (Windows)
   TwelveTone Cakewalk 4.0 for DOS (308k)
   TwelveTone Cakewalk 9.0 for Windows
   Sound Forge 6.0
   Reason 2.5
   K4 Edit (40k)   Email me for some great patches.
   K4Win Editor (105k)

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Strat - done in Lightwave 3D
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